Buck stands 6' tall, weighs 230 pounds and untill recently had very average appearence.



Buck is the name, I was born in Tennasee near Memphis. My parents were Elvis fans. Graceland is one ugly building. I spent most of my life there until I left home. When that happened I left the State too. I attended some college in Tempe Arizona at ASU but didn’t finish. I moved up to Seattle and took more classes at Seattle U. I took a lot of crafting courses and art. From this I met some people and between what he learnd from them and what I had gotten from his father who was a sheet metal worker I started his business. I lived 4 years in Arizona and hated most of it. The women were hot. I was in Seattle for 5 years and from there I built a large stock pile of inventory. So after leaving home at 19 and spending 9 years in Colleges and building his buisness stock I spent almost 2 years with no address at all, following the convention circuit around from town to town. But it wore on me and I longed for a stable place to come back to. I met Layla at a show in San Fran, and she told me “if you want to be taken seriously at this you need to be in California.” So 8 months ago I made it official and rented a studio with lots of open space in San Francisco, about 4 blocks from the imfamous Lumbard street. I got a first rate view of the street and it’s fun to sit on my padio with some popcorn an watch tourists try to drive down it. Layla introduced me to the steampunk group and the rest is history. Or so I thought before my group got killed off by an angry wizard with a cactus for a soul and I ended up a dragon?

My head hurts.

More to be added..


I’m so misunderstood, ok granted partly by my own design. But it’s hard to tell your friends, “I can’t help it, I enjoy a good fight.” I look forward to a UFC fight like some guys look forward to fantasy football! I know the names, I watch the moves and I try them out when I get the chance. Someone says the wrong thing and pushes a little too hard. Bug a lady a little too much? It’s not the first time a barkeep has told me to take it outside.

So many ways to mask it back home; amature hockey, claiming to be a youth boxing coach and blaming a klutzy nature. Eventually they stop asking, but the “back alley brawlers” know better. The “Back Alley Brawlers”, that was Lenny’s idea. Everything with him needs a nickname. Must have been my 4th or 5th night since moving to Frisco. I hit the bars hard that first two weeks looking for my “nitche” hangout spot. Seems in Frisco the scope of crowds runs the entire numberline, you can find just about anything and some of them don’t go over that well with me. It took some serious looking but in the process I found a litte dive bar early on where I met Lenny, Joey, and Amir; The “Guys”. They had alot of my same interests; the big game that was on that night, beer, hot women and a good brawl once in a while. These are not what I would call thugs, they aren’t going looking for it nor are the pushing and bullying someone into it. But if it happens and someone get out of line and basicly asks for it, They give it! That night we just hit it off so to speak. That didn’t end up as my hangout spot but they ended up as my Guys all the same.
Poker night, board game night, they don’t see eye to eye with my steampunk fetish but thought it was cool I could make armor and weapons and we put alot of them to test on each other. The guys just don’t get costuming, or movie makeup.

So yeah the night I met them, some bikers came in like they owned the place and gave the hottie waitress a hard time all night. The also barked some crap at some other patrons but the owner was a bit to small and light to be brave enough to back it up when they refused his generous offer to leave. Then they grabbed waitress girls ass. I’d seen enough! When I got up to say something, their whole table got up. “I’m just talking to you” I said pointing at the one with grabby fingers. The four of them replied something about being identical twins seperated at birth, I shot back something about I could tell from the matching skirts and it went down hill from there. But thats when MY boys stood up and frail little owner yelled “take it out back!” We all went outside and it somehow got decided by even numbers (4 of them, 4 of us) that just me and loudmouth grabby hands were gonna participate. I think they said his name was Bow, or Shmow or something stupid like that. Anyway, that’s when I overhead Amir tell Lennie “If grabby fingers can take our new buddie, your tabs on me, but if Buck wins, your buying! Deal?!” The reply was “your on!” Then I voiced I’d overheard and said “put me down for $50 on that bet, on myself!”

Turns out Bow was a creampuff, talks a big game, looks the mean part but two clean shots to the jawbone and 4 broken teeth and the wimp caves like a school girl. He did deliver a fair gut shot before throwing in the towel, but not much else. In the end, I got $50, a phone number, my tab paid by the owner and a good storie for grandkids someday. Not to mention a little stress release.

But as luck would have it, I lost the number and the next night met Layla. If I had known instantly that first night she was gay and there was no hope, I’d have been alot more upset about the number I lost. Layla is all kinds of cool and I like to hang out with her. We got alot in common, just that unshakable gay barrier away from my perfect woman. She needs a stright sister, apperently all she has are brothers.

More to come later…

Notable & obvious advantages:
Racial DR 8 (but requires very close inspection), After a recent event Buck is now Very Handsome also, he is also Fit. Buck has a photographic memory.

Disdvantages that people meeting you would be aware of:
Buck is a light smoker, he is lecherous, curious and impulsive which shows in his actions. He is also a very slow riser and weird things tend to happen around him.

Primary Features:
Birthdate: October 15th, 1981
Distinguishing Marks: No longer applies but did have arm scars before
Eye Color: Hazel (green/blue)
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Brown
Location Of Home: Miami
Profession: To be determined
Sexuality: stright
Skin Color: olive tone

Notable Equipment


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