Layla's partner


Jordan started as a one-night stand, having met at Club Trinity, but Layla ran into her again the next night at The Wild Rover.
Jordan was initially staying at the Beach Place Hotel, but due to circumstances is now staying with the PCs.

Currently unknown facts about Jordan:

  • Seemingly plenty, but no specifics given by the PCs

Currently known facts about Jordan:

  • She is 21, 5’7", and has blue eyes
  • She is definitely a lesbian and not bisexual
  • She is quite the exhibitionist but is afraid of offending others
  • She was in college prior to coming to Miami, with a dual major in Anatomic Thaumaturgy and Light Energy Thaumaturgy
  • She is amazingly skilled at shopping
  • Her father has cut off her access to his credit cards unless she comes home and resumes college
  • She has fallen in love with Miami and doesn’t want to leave; she has even offered to resume college here, though her father did not find this to be an acceptable solution
  • She is quite skilled at housekeeping but has no skill in cooking
  • Her actual name is Jordan Elizabeth Margaret, Princess of York; she is 7th in line for the throne of England.
    Father: Prince Andrew, Duke of York
    Mother: Sarah, Duchess of York
    Eldest sister: Princess Beatrice of York
    Middle sister: Princess Eugenie of York
  • Her birth date is June 5th, 1991. She is not yet 21.
  • Her home prior to coming to Miami is Windsor, England

Notable & Obvious Advantages

Appearance and Social Traits:

  • Accent (English – American) (P)
  • Alternate Identity (Jordan Johansen)
  • Appearance (Beautiful)
  • Charisma 2
  • Classic Features (Innocent Girl Next Door)
  • Contact (Jack)
  • Cultural Familiarity: England (Native)
  • Cultural Familiarity: U.S.
  • Disarming Smile
  • Fashion Sense
  • Honest Face
  • Language: English (Native)
  • Language: French (Accented)
  • Language: German (Accented)
  • Language: Italian (Accented)
  • Photogenic
  • Pitiable
  • Sexy Pose
  • Talent: Allure 4

Avoided benefits from royal family:

  • Independent Income (Not yet available)
  • Patrons (Royal Family of England)
  • Status 5 (Member of the royal family but unknown)
  • Wealth (Very Wealthy)

Other notable positive traits that can be determined with spending time around her:

  • Common Sense
  • Flexibility
  • Less Sleep 1
  • Lightning Calculator (fast with numbers and calculations, not the extreme version)
  • Talent: Gifted Artist 4
  • Versatile

Notable & Obvious Disadvantages

Appearance and Social Traits:

  • Congenial (Q)
  • Humble (Q)
  • Pacifism (Total Nonviolence)

Behavior Traits:

  • Attentive (Q)
  • Charitable
  • Compulsive Behavior (Sex)
  • Compulsive Behavior (Exhibitionist)
  • Compulsive Behavior (Nudist)
  • Compulsive Carousing (Q)
  • Honesty
  • Likes to sing while she works (Q)
  • Sense of Duty (Close friends and companions)
  • Shy about her singing (Q)
  • Staid (Q)
  • Stubbornness
  • Truthfulness

Other notable negative traits that can be determined with spending time around her:

  • Believes she can’t sing when she can (Q)
  • Easy to Read
  • In love with Miami (Q)
  • Noisy
  • Sleepwalker
  • Xenophilia

Primary Features:

  • Feature: Birthdate (June 5th, 1991)
  • Feature: Distinguishing Marks (None)
  • Feature: Eye Color (Blue)
  • Feature: Gender (Female)
  • Feature: Hair Color (Blond)
  • Feature: Location Of Home (Currently the apartment of Buck and Layla)
  • Feature: Profession (ex-Student)
  • Feature: Sexuality (Lesbian)
  • Feature: Skin Color (Caucasian)


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