Energizer Bunny that does not need steroids!


Current Disguise in Vampire world (due to wanted posters):

  • Slight facial feature alterations
  • Eye Color: Blue
  • Hair Color: Shortish Platinum Blond (Think Geena Davis from Long Kiss Goodnight)
  • Noticeably Marks: Scar around left eye-socket


Normal Appearance:

Height: 5’4"
Weight: She is not skinny but she does not have an ounce of fat on her, a very firm athletic runners build.
Attire: As a new resident of her “New” Miami Layla is at a bit of a loss. A stylish bikini with skirt and sexy top is all I have had time to design
Appearance: Beautiful *Note she used to be missing her left eye which detracted from apperance
Reaction Mods: She has Charisma of 6, voice and tends to be fairly optimistic, cheery and friendly.


Notable & obvious advantages:
Charisma 6, Beautiful, Very Fit, Only sleeps five hours, Fashion Sense, Knows Arabic and a little Chinese.

Notable & obvious disadvantages:
Charitable, Honesty, Truthfulness, Code of Honor (Soldiers), Chummy, Eats a lot. Compulsive Daily Runner.

Primary Features:
Birthdate: 8/26/1986 (Heck, if I can morph I may as well be sexy forever!)
Eye Color: Brown
Gender: Female, Lesbian
Hair Color: Black
Location Of Home: San Francisco
Profession: Novelty Fashion Designer
Sexuality: Lesbian
Skin Color: White, Miami sun tan,no tan lines.

Notable Equipment

Three and a half years ago Layla Anders became a novelty fashion designer catering to the Steampunk community. Some friends of hers took her to a convention and Layla absolutely fell in love with it. She showed up at the next Steampunk convention as a vendor marketing here wares, mostly clothing but a few gizmo’s and of course goggles. Her outfits are predominantly tailored towards women and tend to be a bit sexier than the norm and seems to combine classic Victorian with a more modern flashy flesh showing style while still remaining Steampunk.
She happily gives out business cards for her clothing line based out of San Fran.

If you talk to her she will he very happy, and knowledgeable, about all things Steampunk. Books, authors, anime movies, the fashion. Oh she can go on about the fashion for quite some time. Even modern fashion as she does pull ideas from that. If it happens to be at a comic convention she will talk about Super Girl, the history, the low budget movie back in the 80’s, how they should make a new one more relevant to the times. And of late how she thinks DC has totally messed up her character in the new 52 that came out six months ago.And her outfit! OMG they practically slapped a cod-piece onto a swimsuit! UGH!

Movies, she does seem to have seen most of the major blockbusters since 1999. She will go into lavish details how she made a Trinity outfit for Halloween in 2000, a Princess Amadal ripped outfit from The Clone Wars in the pit, etc. But if you veer off into older sci-fi or TV of any sort she looks kinda blank, smiles, then changes the topic politely. When Buck Rogers introduced himself she said hello politely as it it were just any normal random name in the world.

At cons she would sometimes drop in at the gaming tables and try the newest version of World of Darkness. She will make comments about how she is not happy with the new version and how they destroyed all the rich history. And probably make a comment about how she could never have as much fun with this system as she had with her Tori back in high school.

I should also note that when she is not in her polite Steampunk persona, or polite shopkeeper persona, she can be rather coarse, smart mouthed, vulgar and uses quite a few expletives. She doesn’t walk into a bar and sailors run out, but clearly she did not hang out with polite folk. This might be explained if it had been asked of her how she got into Steampunk fashion designing, “After I lost my construction job in 08 I read a self help book and decided to start my own business doing something I was passionate about.”

She keeps herself very busy in general between the business, Conventions, “Training for Marathons,” and gaming. In recent years she has added group stage combat performances for Steampunk events and such.


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