Montoya Guard Ring


This is the plain band that was found on the guards at the Montoya villa when it was assaulted. Both Rebecca and Jordan were given one to wear, as the Communication spell is linked with the other guard rings as well as the rings the head mage and Diego Montoya were wearing.

Here are the enchantments on the rings:

  • Adjustable Clothing (M58)
  • Bravery (M134)
  • Communication (M48)
  • Darkvision (M111)
  • Hex (Password) (M57)
  • Loyalty (Diego) (M136)
  • Mage-Stealth (M172)
  • Peaceful Sleep (Name) (M138)
  • Power 7 (M57)
  • Rear Vision (M134)
  • Reverse Missiles (M168)
  • See Invisibility (M113)
  • Sleep (M135)
  • Tell Time (M100)
  • Vermin Control (M30)

Montoya Guard Ring

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