SOV Advanced Flexible Body Armor


Pinnacle Armor presents a revolutionary technology called DRAGON SKIN®, the first practical, FLEXIBLE BODY ARMOR that defeats rifle rounds.
Pinnacle Armor was founded by a noted inventor and author in the field of ballistic armor, Murray Neal. Mr. Neal has relied on his combined expertise of ballistic sciences and field experience to achieve a quantum leap in technology-the first flexible body armor that defeats rifle fire. Now you can wear armor that flexes and molds to the contours of your body and allows for greater coverage than a rigid 10″ × 12″ plate which is the typical coverage offered in current technology.
SOV™ flexible armor is completely fabricated in the USA for American Special Forces, Police Tactical Teams and approved foreign militaries.

Game Mechanics

Location DR Cost Weight LC Notes Page
Torso 35/5* $4,600 17 2 Concealable as or under clothing
Use the lower DR versus crushing attacks only.
HT 66

SOV Advanced Flexible Body Armor

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