Tag: South Beach


  • Carlita's

    This is the eatery on South Beach where [[:jack | Jack]] maintains his office. While the prices are a bit high, the food and beer is top shelf and the scenery is amazing. [[Locations | Back to Locations]]

  • Mario's

    This is an upscale menswear boutique in South Beach. Buck purchased his first clubbing outfit here, paying the $5,000 price in cash. [[Locations | Back to Locations]]

  • Blue Nova

    This is a women's boutique that sells fashion accessories, from shoes to handbags and then some. This is a single-business, not a retail chain, and it is similar to Hot Topic but focused entirely on the Miami clubbing scene. Their hours are 4:00 pm to …

  • The Wild Rover

    This is the LGBT club that Layla found out about at the [[Blue Nova]] apparel accessories store. This is also where she coincidentally met up with [[:jordan | Jordan]] for the second night in a row (her second night in town). The club is approximately …

  • Beach Place Hotel

    This is the hotel that [[:jordan | Jordan]] is staying at. Beach Place Hotel is centrally located ten minutes north of South Beach and five minutes drive to [[Aventura Mall]]. Conveniently located one block from the beach and North Shore Park. It's only …

  • Marlin Brando Fishing Tours

    Marlin Brando Fishing Tours is located in South Beach. This is where the PCs chartered a fishing boat and [[:buck | Buck]] caught his first marlin. The boat used was the Miss Casanova, which is built for four fishermen. The lobby interior is an odd mix …