This page is not a comprehensive list of creatures, as any animal existing today exists in the campaign as well. The list below consists of common animals given statistics in some reference book, as well as listings of animals and creatures that do not exist today but do exist in the campaign.

Natural *

Birds Insects Plants
Fish Mammals Reptiles

Magically Engineered

Fire Lizards Hippogriffs Giant Scorpions
Gryphons Pegasi TBD

Magically Crafted Constructs

Golems TBD TBD

Magically Animated Undead (illegal)

Mummies Skeletons Zombies

Summoned Extra-Planar Creatures (illegal)

Demons Elementals TBD

Other Sentient Races


* Please note that the statistics indicated represent a typical specimen of the creature listed. For variances, please see the rules for “Individualizing Animals”, page 457 in Basic (Campaigns), as well as rules for animal training, Basic (Campaigns) page 458.


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