Resistance research on vampires

Known vampire facts:

General Info

  • They must feed regularly on blood, and must also feed to heal
  • It is presumed that they suffer in direct sunlight, given that they somehow arranged for human mages to cast some spell that permanently blocks the sun
  • It is unknown if non-human blood provides nourishment, but their near exclusive diet of human blood would indicate not
  • They are seemingly immune to nonmagical diseases and illnesses
  • They can see in the dark without problems
  • They are highly aware of their surroundings
  • They have an amazing sense of smell, better than a dogs
  • They can control the mind of humans if you make eye contact
  • They don’t age
  • They can ignore exremely cold temperatures as if it was lukewarm, but not freezing temperatures – they themselves are cold to the touch
  • Based on a complete lack of vampire babies and children, it would seem likely that their only form of “procreation” is by turning humans into vampires
  • Based on insider info, they do in fact sleep in coffins
  • They can not enter into a dwelling without the permission of the owner or a resident, which is most likely why they have commandeered ownership of all property (that they know of) – important to note here, if being chased, be sure to use a dwelling that the vampire chasing you does not own
  • Animals can sense them and either flee or seek to attack – all resistance strongholds must maintain guard dogs at the entrances for this very reason
  • They have no reflection, meaning that surveillance cameras are useless against them

Combat info

  • Their physical abilities are greatly enhanced, most especially their strength
  • They are faster than humans and always get the drop on their opponents unless it’s a complete surprise
  • They can’t be suffocated
  • The only known ways to kill them are fire and wooden stakes, although enough raw damage can incapacitate them; it is presumed but untested that submersion in holy water would also kill them
  • If they become sufficiently hurt, but not enough to incapacitate, they revert into a near bestial state
  • Fire can repel vampires, as can holy objects as long as they have actually been blessed by a truly ordained priest with true faith in their deity (no idea why) – it has been noted that both do unusual amounts of damage against vampires

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Resistance research on vampires

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