Session 02


Campaign Start: 5/14/2012, ~9:00 pm
Campaign End: 5/15/2012, noon.

  • Started back at the Carlitas.
  • Went back to apartment, dropped off gun. Discussed fake covers.
  • Went to walmart, bought a bunch of stuff.
  • Got done at Walmart around 11pm. Radio Shack was closed. Went home.
  • Installed New door deadbolt, and rigged up electrical door system.
  • Go to club downstairs, got in line at 12:30, got in at 1:00 am
  • Buck morphed his appearance to Very Handsome.
  • Layla hooked up with a hot tourist and they went back to her hotel room in South Beach, left the club at 3:00 am.
  • Buck goes to bed after 4:00 am. Slept in Layla’s bed. Woken up by Sunrise at 6:30 am.
  • Buck accidentally teleported from the bathroom to his pile of clothes, then teleported back.
  • Buck goes to the espresso stand and gets some breakfast.
  • Buck takes a bus to South Beach, 8:30 am.
  • Layla wakes up in the hotel room, tries to be quiet and discovers she can turn invisible. Leaves her date a note and phone number.
  • Met at Carlitas. Jack came out of office at 10:30. Buck accidentally teleported into Jacks office. Thankfully no one in Carlita’s saw.
  • Talked with Jack, learned more about Dragons. Got Fake IDs. Got a wireless device to connect to internet.
  • Left, the promised, clean, Toyota.
  • Layla left go go shopping for a sewing machine, locked the door and armed the alarm. Buck went to sleep, yet again, in Layla’s bed.

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Session 02

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