Session 03


Campaign Start: 5/15/2012, Noon. Tuesday
Campaign End: 5/16/2012, 1:30+research time. Wednesday

  • Layla went shopping for a few hours.
  • Layla gets home about 3:30. Finds Buck in her bed again, pulls her prank on him.
  • Buck gets a shower, Layla unloads. Done about 4:00.
  • Buck goes and buys a very expensive clubbing outfit.
  • Layla makes herself a nice outfit. Design by 9.
  • Buck tries to find a pizza place. Then goes shopping at wallmart then picks up the pizza’s.
  • Layla tries to explain to Buck how they seem to be much stronger now.
  • Buck and Layla have an arm wrestilng contest. 1st Layla by 5, 2nd Buck by 1, 3rd Layla by 9
  • 7:00 Shopping trip to Home Depot. Players need to make list offline and send to the GM. Done at 10:00
  • Buck goes food shopping
  • Layla finishes her outfit. 11:00, goes to Blue Nova to buy shoes and accessories.
  • Buck assembles his bed. Assembles the patio furniture.
  • Layla found a Lesbian Club called the Wild Rover.
  • 12:30 Buck goes down and gets inline for downstairs.
  • Layla hooks up with Jordan again.
  • Buck carouses till 3:30, then goes to the loft and sleeps.
  • Layla went for a run on Miami beach for two hours.
  • Got back to the Loft 11:30 am. Buck realized he was stronger. Layla started on the laptop. Buck Made breakfast.
  • Next Wed laptop will prompt for auto-repair again.
  • Configure laptop and connect to the internet. Created our avatars. Got on internet 12:30
  • Finished orientation at 1:30
  • Research questions have been sent, player need to read. Left off in cyberspace, Wikopedia office. Time TBD based on research time.

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Session 03

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