Session 04


Campaign Start: 5/16/2012, 1:30+research time. Wednesday
Campaign End: 5/17/2012, 10am. Thursday.

  • Researching on the web.
  • Scott needs to research buying a forge online
  • Done researching, 5:30 pm.
  • Layla alters her appearance to remove her scars.
  • Go to dinner at Carlita’s.
  • GM TODO: Create Carlita’s menu.
  • Players need to provide detailed fake Ids.
  • Players spend an hour writing out their bio’s for Jack. Finish at 7:30.
  • After leaving Jacks Layla goes to the car, Bucky stayed behind and ate hot wings.
  • After Buck call, Layla sets up her voicemail then heads back to the loft and starts to make a new Outfit.
  • Buck finishes eating and take a bus back to the loft.
  • Buck happens to run into Jordan on the bus.
  • Jordan follows Buck home. Telly Layla her father cut her off. Layla offers to let her stay with her.
  • Jordan was in College studying Thaumaturgy.
  • Group heads to Aventura mall.
  • Buck needs to compile the Macy’s shopping trip for dishware.
  • Shop until mall closes at 9:00.
  • Stop at Wallmart for groceries. Jordan fell asleep in car. Get home and Layla carries Jordan up to bed.
  • Buck unloads the car then goes to find the keys for the car.
  • Buck gets too close to Layla and Jordan in bed and gets knocked to the ground by a swift kick from Layla.
  • Buck finds the keys and heads to a sports bar. Bar is predominantly a blue-collar male clientele.
  • Bucky stays at the sports bar till 2am closing.
  • Layla gets up at 5:30 am and goes for her morning run. Gets back about 7:30 am.
  • Buck notices Jordan moving about quietly. Happens to notice there is something off about her bathrobe. 7:00 am. The bathrobe is an illusion.
  • Layla gets back. Gets cleaned up with Jordan, learns Jordan is an exhibitionist But also Jordan is very lesbian.
  • Buck makes breakfast, Layla works on the wardrobe, Jordan cleans new appliances.
  • Breakfast. Layla informs Jordan they are dragons and from a non magic dimension. Jordan is fine with it, excited even.
  • Home Depot delivery. 10:00 am.

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Session 04

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