Session 06


Campaign Start: 5/19/2012, 3am. Saturday.
Campaign End: 5/20/2012, 2:30 pm, Sunday.

  • Layla got up at 6:00 am and found Jordan sleepwalking out on the deck. Put her back to bed and started experimenting with her powers.
  • Breakfast discussion about painting the window pannels. Jordan will go buy paint. 10am.
  • Jordan comes back around noon with paint and lunch.
  • Lunch at 2:00, finish at 2;30.
  • Jordan’s painting is of Club Trinity and is very good, she has real talent as an artist.
  • Layla finished working on car at 4:30 then started upgrading the door security system.
  • At 5:30 Bucky has a talk with Layla about the door security system, Layla removes the security system. Then goes shopping for a drafting table.
  • While shopping Layla realizes she can understand languages.
  • Jordan is engrossed in her paining and skipps dinner.
  • After dinner Buck and Layla work on hanging the remaining window pannels. Layla shows Buck her new ability to grow to over 13 feet. Buck and Layla finish hanging the “blinds.”
  • Layla went to buy lamps. Then worked on clothes design complimentary outfits for her and Jordan, made design by 8. Buck resumes working on motors. 10 pm.
  • Buck works till 1:00 am to finish making motors. Jordan wraps up her painting after 10 and a half hours straight.
  • Jordan gets cleaned up, Layla goes to bed.
  • Buck wakes Layla at 3am. Shows her some articles on Jordan. Jordan is a Priness and is seventh in line to the english throne.
  • Buck goes out for beer. Drinks until passes out at 5:00 am.
  • Layla wakes up Sunday at 6:30 am. Goes for her run but only 1.5 hours then goes to Walmart.
  • Jordan sleeps until 9:00 am. Bucky wakes up with a huge hangover.
  • Layla notices Buck shrinks down to a small size and is engulfed by his bedding.
  • Layla and Jorda have breakfast, Layla asks Jordan about her being a runnaway royal.
  • Jack is the one who put Jordan’t protections in place.
  • Buck starts work on his own painting.
  • Layla and Jordan cuddle for several hours. Jordan goes to do laundry and Layla goes to making her outfits.
  • 2:00 pm, Buck and Layla head to Carlita’s to talk to Jack about a seeker for Bucky to find a girlfriend.
  • Jack did not take the random probability of Jordan and Layla, both customers, meeting well.

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Session 06

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