The setting is modern day, with a major twist. Magic is real and as prevalent as technology. It is a part of every industry, from the medical industry to automobile manufacturing, from agriculture to the tech sector. Like computers, it has its own industry despite being a core element in most every other industry. There is no question of magic vs. technology, the question is how to use both efficiently for maximum gain at minimal cost, both gain for the consumer as well as gain for the corporation. Magic has not supplanted technology, it has supplemented it, though some argue that technology supplements magic despite magic being a fairly recent (comparatively) discovery.

From a technology stand point, every technology that exists today also exists in the campaign, but with the added twist that typically it has magical augmentations; anything from simple magical redundancy options to enhancements that completely change the very nature of the object or technology.

Here is an example of magic and technology combined.

Imagine a new car today, like a hybrid. Imagine that you can get that hybrid to also get an enchantment (a dealer option from the manufacturer) that allows magic to propel it. Not instead of having an engine, mind you, but as an alternate that you can switch to at any time. The enchantment doesn’t have the responsiveness that an engine has, nor does it function in no-mana zones (which do occur due to numerous reasons), but for daily commutes with needing only reasonable and consistent speeds, the enchantment is cheaper over the long term. That addresses the core functionality of a vehicle, to propel you from point A to point B. But now imagine any element of the vehicle and you can see how it could be augmented by magic. GPS but without the satellite. All-terrain due to slight hover magic – never need tow service again. Interior climate control or sound suppression. Improved safety features. Magically augmented for self-repair. The list could go on at length, but you can see easily even from this small list how magic works well as an augmentation to existing technology.

Really, that’s the way to think about magic in the campaign. While it can often hold its own in areas, it really works best in conjunction with technology. Technology can fail, but magic can be suppressed or be unavailable due to low or no mana zones. They each have their flaws and weaknesses, but together, they compensate for each other and result in a far superior solution, much better than either one of them could possibly have achieved on their own.


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